Solid Rock. No place to hide? Where are you running next?

YOU CAN BUY SOLID ROCK HERE or scroll down for more on a book that's been described as:

'Like Lee Child V Michael Crichton'

Jeff Draid is a geek genius. He's made a piece of hardware that will leave America's enemies nowhere to hide. It should make him rich and successful but from the edge of triumph he is thrown into a nightmare of violence and fear.

Hunted by killers, and wanted by the Government Draid has to answer just one question. 
When there is no place left to hide, where do you run? 


What Amazon reviewers are saying: 
"The story grabs you from the start, a well thought out plot that moves along at breakneck speed. Plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing," 

"It has an original plot, great characters and, just when you think you have worked it out, the story moves on and throws up more twists..."


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Handed Down. 800 years of history can get you killed.

800 years ago the worst king Britain ever had was dying. King John was also losing a war and losing his kingdom. Then it got worse.


He lost the Crown Jewels. His fortune went missing in the East Anglian marshes. The greatest treasure in the world just disappeared. It has never been found.

Now, someone is trying to kill Tom and Henry Thorn. They cannot know it but they are on the wrong side of 800 years of violent history. It’s a terrifying place to be.

Handed Down is a treasure hunt action adventure that roars along from quiet English countryside, to terrifying action at sea and a tense, action packed finale.

Tom and Henry are real people, lost in a world they don’t understand and fighting to understand, fighting to stay alive.